Crystle Martin

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Early Careers Workshop OWEN GOTTLIEB, Crystle Martin
Computational Fluency as Argumentation Support at the Community Level in Scratch Crystle Martin
Fantasy Wrestling as a Site of Competitive Fandom and Connected Learning Crystle Martin
Not Just for the Love of the Game Amanda Ochsner, Crystle Martin
How Do Badges Make You Feel Crystle Martin, Ryan Martinez, Shannon Harris, Elizabeth Lawley, Kurt Squire, Andrew Phelps
Information literacy and online reading comprehension in WoW and school Crystle Martin, Gabriella Anton, Amanda Ochsner, Jonathan Elmergreen, Constance Steinkuehler
Game Presence and Literacy Crystle Martin, Caro Williams-Pierce
Crap Detection and Information Literacy in the Online Affinity Space of World of Warcraft Crystle Martin
The Role of Quantitative Assessment in Just Press Play Shannon Harris, Ryan Martinez, Crystle Martin, Andrew Phelps, Elizabeth Lawley, Kurt Squire
Just Press Play Ryan Martinez, Crystle Martin, Shannon Harris, Kurt Squire, Elizabeth Lawley, Andrew Phelps
Mixed Methods to Study Games and Learning Constance Steinkuehler, Elizabeth King, Crystle Martin, Yoonsin Oh, Sarah Chu, Caroline C. Williams, Amanda Ochsner, Shannon Harris, V. Elizabeth Owen, Gabriella Anton, Jonathan Elmergreen
Let Me Know When She Stops Talking Constance Steinkuehler, Elizabeth King, Esra Alagoz, Gabriella Anton, Sarah Chu, Jonathan Elmergreen, Danielle Fahser-Herro, Shannon Harris, Crystle Martin, Amanda Ochsner, Yoonsin Oh, V. Elizabeth Owen, David Simkins, Caroline Williams, Bei Zhang
Information Literacy and Online Reading Comprehension Crystle Martin, Constance Steinkuehler

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