• Call for Proposal: The Psychgeist of Stranger Things

    CFP for Stranger Things
    Each chapter in this volume will ask if there are any philosophical, sociological or psychological concepts, theories or mechanisms that may be useful or insightful in understanding this superb illustration of our popular culture. Below are some suggested themes to explore, feel free to tweak an existing one or alternatively suggest your own.
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  • Call for Proposals: The Psychgeist of The Elder Scrolls

    CFP: The Elder Scrolls
    This book series highlights iconic pop culture content from television, film, literature and video games through an examination of the psychological mechanisms that endear us to these stories for a lifetime.
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  • Call for Proposals: The Psychgeist of Bluey

    psychgeist logo
    In addition to academic-focused works, this call is also open to a select few memoir-style, introspective essays. These essays should be focused on personal experience on how Bluey has had a meaningful impact in the author’s life.
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  • Call for Abstracts: Roll for Learning

    CFP Roll for Learning
    We are excited to announce an open Call for Chapters / Games for our upcoming volume: “Roll for Learning: Micro Tabletop Role-Playing Games to Use in the Classroom”, to be published by ETC Press.
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  • Call for Proposal: The Psychgeist of Black Mirror

    Black Mirror
    Black Mirror is an anthology series on Netflix from the mind of Charlie Brooker. This award-winning show revolves around technology and the potential implications of its advancement - be they good, bad, or both. In this volume, we will explore the psychological underpinnings of Black Mirror, including, but not limited to, its narratives, primary protagonists, and secondary characters. This book is part of the collection The Psychgeist of Pop...
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