• New Release: Digital Playgrounds

    Digital Playgrounds
    The ETC Press is proud to announce the release of Digital Playgrounds: Our Kids & Video Games, by Amanda Farough & Rachel Kowert, PhD.
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  • Psychgeist of Pop Culture: A new series from ETC Press

    psychgeist logo
    We are excited to announce the launch of the Psychgeist of Pop Culture series from ETC Press. Over the last few decades, interest in pop psychology has grown faster than most of our Netflix backlogs. With the continued growth of interest in pop psychology, combined with the sheer volume of media content, the discussion of their intersection is becoming more pertinent both within and outside of academia. For example, casual conversations about the...
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  • Call for Proposals: Well Played Journal Special Issue CfP: Ethics

    Well Played Journal Special Issue CfP: Ethics Edited by José P. Zagal In this special issue we would like to explore a third sense of well played from the perspective of ethics and videogames and what it means to “play well”, or for a game to have been “well played.” For instance, are successful cheaters to be celebrated because they have subverted a game so skillfully that their opponents never became aware of the deception? Is this well played...
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