New Release: Digital Playgrounds: Learning & Connecting Through Games

Digital Playgrounds Learning & Connecting Through Games Cover

The ETC Press is proud to announce the release of Digital Playgrounds: Learning & Connecting Through Games by Amanda Farough & Rachel Kowert, Ph.D., the second book in a new series that explores the psychological reasons that drive our connection to popular culture.

When we think about video games, we tend to believe they’re only for playing. What if we told you games can also be about connection and learning? In this book, the authors will explore the role of games as tools in our 21st-century lives and how they can connect us, teach us a variety of new skills and new information, and foster positive mental health. We will also address parents' common questions about video games, including gaming’s relationship to violence and addiction and concerns about loot boxes. We also offer advice for navigating challenging conversations surrounding video games.

You’re not alone! Join us on this adventure to connect with our children through video games.

Digital Playgrounds is a book series providing parents, caretakers, and educators with accessible insight into digital games as tools for growth, entertainment, and social connection. It addresses parental concerns about using games, including violent video games, loot boxes, streaming, age-inappropriate content, and video game addiction. It provides a range of practical tips for parents to understand better the uses and effects of games and how to integrate them into family life.

For questions about this book or the Digital Playgrounds book series, please contact Amanda Farough or Dr. Rachel Kowert.

For questions about the ETC Press, please contact Editorial Director Brad King.