New Release: Digital Playgrounds Book Series

Digital Playgrounds Series

The ETC is happy to announce the release of the Digital Playgrounds series, written by Amanda Farough and Dr. Rachel Kowert. This six-book series will roll out throughout the next few years and address some of the most pressing issues parents face as their children explore digital worlds.

"With the Digital Playgrounds series, Amanda Farough and Dr. Rachel Kowert have created a series to help parents engage with their kids through the games they can play together,” said ETC Press editor-in-chief Dr. Drew Davdison.

Digital Playgrounds is a book series providing parents, caretakers, and educators with accessible insight into digital games as tools for growth, entertainment, and social connection. It addresses parental concerns about using games, including violent video games, loot boxes, streaming, age-inappropriate content, and video game addiction. It provides a range of practical tips for parents to understand better the uses and effects of games and how to integrate them into family life.å

"As digital games become more centralized in our 21st-century lives, many parents find themselves unprepared to navigate these waters,” said co-author Dr. Rachel Kowert. “This is partially because parents have long been relegated to receiving information about what games are and what they are not from headlines driven by fear and panic. This book aims to change that. Parents deserve to know what we in the scientific world have known for decades: Video games are not solely frivolous activities but rather tools for growth, social connection, and learning. They are one of many activities we can encourage our children to enjoy in safe and balanced ways."

The framework for this book is gaming positive, addressing games as playgrounds and tools for growth and exploration. The aim is to reduce parental fear and trepidation around video games by instilling a greater understanding of the role games do and do not play in the 21st century. Only through a better understanding of these new digital playgrounds can we be the best advocates for our children as they explore this digital frontier.

Questions about the book series should be directed to Amanda Farough or Dr. Rachel Kowert.

Questions about the ETC Press should be directed to Editorial Director Brad King.