Call for Proposal: The Psychgeist of Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an anthology series on Netflix from the mind of Charlie Brooker. This award-winning show revolves around technology and the potential implications of its advancement - be they good, bad, or both. In this volume, we will explore the psychological underpinnings of Black Mirror, including, but not limited to, its narratives, primary protagonists, and secondary characters. 

This book is part of the collection The Psychgeist of Pop Culture published by ETC Press. This book series highlights iconic pop culture content from television, film, literature and video games through an examination of the psychological mechanisms that endear us to these stories for a lifetime. 

Each chapter in this book will explore a specific episode of the series alongside a psychological concept that is reflected within it. Several possible themes and topics are listed below but do not consider this list exhaustive. You can feel free to propose a different combination of episode/topic than those listed below:

  • Shut Up And Dance: Psychological impact of cyberbullying 
  • White Bear: Justice and punishment 
  • The Entire History of You: Why rosy retrospection is psychologically valuable
  • Be Right Back: Social media, memorializing, and the way we remember loved ones
  • Nosedive: Monetization of social status
  • Playtest: VR, ethical games, and the boundaries of reality
  • Men Against Fire: Ethics of war and the psychology of othering
  • Arkangel: Helicopter parenting, observing children’s activities, and when to let go
  • Hang the DJ: Dating, compatibility, and the virtual platform
  • Black Museum: Grief and closure
  • Striking Vipers: Identity exploration and internalized homophobia
  • Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too: Parasocial relationships and meeting your heroes
  • USS Callister: The psychology of wish fulfillment