Ruth Scherr

Ruth Scherr

Ruth Scherr is a Bachelor of Science and Art in Carnegie Mellon’s graduating class of 2018. She specializes in Mathematical Sciences and Dramaturgy as part of the BXA interdisciplinary degree program. She concluded her studies with an interactive text-adventure game focusing on emotional labor titled Laborious, which was presented at the 2018 Meeting of the Minds.

In her time at CMU, Ruth has worked as the dramaturg for the School of Drama’s 2017 production of Ragtime, and for a 2018 production of a new play titled I’m Sure I’ll Figure It Out. She has also served as the copy editor for CMU’s student newspaper, The Tartan, where she wrote a year-long advice column Advice for Awkward People. She was a 2018 Andrew Carnegie Society Scholar, and served on the grant committee for that year.

As a woman in education, Ruth has always been interested in the history of women’s education, so the history of Carnegie Mellon’s women’s college, Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, immediately drew her attention. Other projects have covered the purpose of inuendo in Shakespeare’s work, the evolution of standardized clothing sizes, and the concept of multiple infinities. Her interests also include game theory, Jane Austen, and trying to understand increasingly niche subcultures.

She currently lives in Northern Virginia, where she can usually be found complaining about traffic.