Submission Guidelines

Carnegie Mellon’s ETC Press is a digital-first publishing house that uses emerging technology and distribution platforms in order to speed up the production and distribution process. We can take completed manuscripts through the design and publication process in just a few days.

What hasn’t changed is the book proposal process. We have an advisory board that helps determine what books, journals, proceedings, and singles best fit the mission of the ETC Press. And so we ask authors who are interested in publishing their work with our press to submit a brief proposal of their work.


Submission Form

Please read the guidelines below to ensure your proposal is set up properly for our review. If it is not formatted properly or has missing information, it may not get reviewed. Use the form below to upload and submit your proposal.

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ETC Book Proposal Form

Title: Subtitle

What is this book about: This 1-2 page section should explain the general narrative or logic of the book. Narrative and essay book proposals should contain a literary introduction to give the editors a sense of writing style; textbook proposals should focus on the underlying research that will drive the book.

What is this book’s argument: This 1/2-1 page section synthesize the main argument in the book, or the reason the book is necessary.

Why am I the person to write this book: This 1/2-1 page section should include the author’s credentials and expertise in this field, and aim to convince the editors that the author’s work will contribute substantially a field of study.

Why publish this book now: This 1/2-1 page section should argue why this is the right time to publish the book. This should include information on competing titles, and argue why this book is different.

Who is the core audience for this book, and why will they find this appealing: This1/2-1 page section should include specific information on the target audience. This should include universities, organizations, and groups that might find the book interesting.

Table of Contents: This 2-3 page section should include a Table of Contents that includes a 1-2 sentence description of the contents, and if relevant, subsections within each chapter. (Subsections are common in textbooks.)

Reviewers: Our Associate Editors will review your book, but we would love to include some whose opinion you feel will be valuable. Can you suggest any?

CV: Authors should include a CV, which includes professional publications, relevant applied and business experiences, and education.

Sample Chapter: Include a chapter or a section of a chapter in order to give the editors the opportunity to gauge the author’s ability to write the book. This section should not exceed 10 single-spaced pages.