Translating “Games and Learning” For Non-Expert Audiences

While there are several areas of shared understanding within the GLS community about the learning value of games and other digital technologies, less attention has been paid to translating these for “non-expert” consumer audiences, such as parents and teachers. We invite attendees to participate in our discussion of how to communicate information and provide guidance about the learning value of games to “non-expert” audiences. As organizations that are serving the public from different vantage points, we provide data and real examples about how consumers understand the links between digital media and learning, especially with respect to 21st century skills. We then share some dilemmas we have grappled with while forming evaluation criteria for the learning potential of digital media products. Finally, we consider best practices for presenting products to public audiences, emphasizing the importance of not overpromising learning potential and underscoring the important role that parents or teachers can play.

Opportunities and Challenges
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