Teacher Pioneers

This symposium brings together a myriad of K-16 teachers and authors who have designed, built, and implemented digital media or game-based learning in their classrooms. Speaker experiences range from elementary school to teacher professional development, from science to game design to English, from behavioral management to e-textiles, and many things in between! This session will focus on supporting small group sessions with these pioneers, and discussions of the practical aspects of using such technologies in the messy, surprising, and delightful context of classrooms, schools, and other learning environments.Teachers often must play the part of the pioneer if changes are to be made. Pioneers forge ahead in spite of difficulty, learning all they can before striking out for new territory. They study maps, anecdotal records, and talk to those on the edge of the frontier. They take old knowledge with them, but expect to develop new strategies, solve novel problems, create new language to describe what they see, and share what they learn with those who have not yet made the journey. Pioneers learn as they go. (Armstrong & Bezuk, 1995, p. 187)


Adventures With Media, Pedagogy, and Play in K-16 Learning
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