Nørwegian Surreal

Ole Peder Ekelund Giæver can be said to be a regular border-crosser in terms of the role-playing medium. He currently works as a reporter for the online publication ABC Nyheter, helps run the weekly Norwegian larp podcast Live om laiv and contributes regularly to the Norwegian gaming zine Imagonem. Giæver has only recently come to the attention of role-playing gamers across the Atlantic as the co-author (with Martin Bull Gudmundsen) of surreal role-playing game Itras By (2012). What marks Giæver’s work is a strong communicative framework for a fairly minuscule set of actual procedures that players must follow. In this respect, he champions the role that careful prose plays in delivering the content of a given role-playing game system and setting. Here we talk about Giæver’s experiences with the development of tabletop and live-action role-playing games in Norway, as well as the design and distribution factors surrounding the cult success of Itras By.

An Interview with Ole Peder Giæver
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