Mobile History Games

This panel covered nearly a decade of work in mobile and location-based history games, and reflects on the key questions, learnings, and challenges in this emergent field. Using location-based mobile technologies to explore historic moments can be powerful: designers and educators can access narratives from the past, in the places that they occurred, and can potentially disrupt those narratives to create new versions of the past. Historical narratives have always been “constructed,” and so, history is, in essence, rewritten through the experience of these games. This is a significant responsibility for designers and educators. How do we characterize the interplay of fiction and non-fiction in the mobile history game, since players’ own narratives are mixed with the historical narrative? How do we appropriately show sentiments and biases that were representative historically, but perhaps not considered ethical by today’s standards, or in some cases, by any standard?

Challenges, Frameworks, and Design Principles
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