Evermore Park is an interactive themed entertainment experience located outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Ken Bretschneider, who earned his fortune in the early 2000s in a digital security company and who co-founded the virtual reality entertainment company The Void, created Evermore Park, LLC alongside former Disney Imagineer Josh Shipley. Evermore has been described as a “fantasy European hamlet of imagination” and “an experience park where guests of all ages can escape to a new realm” (What Is Evermore | Evermore.Com, n.d.). Evermore has historically been open three evenings a week during its two- to-three-month seasonal events, and visitors can interact with costumed residents of the town who are responsible for
improvising their way through a loosely constructed overarching narrative that takes many weekends to unfurl. Evermore Park is a storytelling platform that simultaneously engages all four of Steve Dixon’s four levels of interactivity: navigation, participation, conversation, and collaboration. (Dixon, 2007, p. 563). Guests can navigate the park and watch scenes play out before them, participate in quests by interacting with the characters, have in- depth conversations with actors and other visitors to uncover the story, and even become collaborators who shape the narrative by influencing how events unfold and how characters develop.

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