Interests, Relationships, and Opportunities Within the 2018 Global Minecraft Mentor Program

Minecraft: Education Edition (Microsoft, 2016) has become a critical tool for learning for many classrooms, connecting students and teachers in game-based activity (Dikkers, 2015; Kafai & Burke, 2016). On the
Minecraft: Education Edition website, a teacher can connect with mentors, review shared lessons, and download maps of generated worlds. In 2017 Microsoft Education launched the Global Minecraft Mentor Program to support teaching, learning, and innovation with the game. This research explores and describes this mentor space from the perspective of the participants. It seeks to understand the experiences of mentors within this space, entry points to onboard teachers who have little or no background in adapting Minecraft: Education Edition to their classrooms, and the extent to which connected learning principles manifest in the mentoring space. Research followed an explanatory sequential mixed-method design. The 2 phases of data collection in this study begin with quantitative data collection and analysis; the quantitative findings will inform the development and deployment of the qualitative data collection and analysis (Creswell, 2015). Data included survey responses, interview responses, artifacts provided by interview participants, and artifacts related to the Global Minecraft Mentor Program website.

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