The Gravity Ether

We will present the The Gravity Ether, the second in a planned six-game series of physics simulation games designed to help middle school students develop an intuitive understanding of complex physics concepts through experiential play (Figure 1). The Gravity Ether explores concepts related to forces in space, like the relation between force and distance or the speed and radius of orbits. Players can only interact with the objects in the game (namely, planets) indirectly by adding and removing black holes to create gravitational fields. Thus, becoming better at controlling objects in the game is directly related to more thoroughly understanding the nature of gravitational forces. By more accurately being able to control the motion of planets, players can accomplish simple level objectives like breaking blocks and collecting coins. The Gravity Ether integrates physics learning directly with gameplay, with levels and goals that are designed to highlight core concepts. With an appealing sandbox and a safe environment for experimentation, the game provide students an open and undirected opportunity to observe and interact with complex forces that are difficult to demonstrate in the traditional science classroom.

A Physics Simulation Game With Level Editor
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