Games for Mindfulness and Pro-Social Behavior

Educators have long been concerned with not only the development and transmission of knowledge in the classroom, but also in the social and moral development of children (c.f. Noddings, 2002). To this end, the Games+Learning+Society Center has joined in collaboration with the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds in a project called Tenacity. The work pivots around the development of two iPad games: Tenacity, a game cultivating the self-regulation of focused attention using breath counting; and Crystals of Kaydor, an RPG designed to cultivate the development of pro-social behavior through collaborative, cooperative and kind social interactions. Creating both of these games was a wonderfully rich collaborative process of connecting the practice of breath awareness & pro-social content to data-driven iterative game design. This paper provides an account of the cross-disciplinary work done in the Tenacity project to connect the power of attention, learning, and games.

The Tenacity Project Collaboration
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