To explore the future of storytelling in AR, Team MemoiAR iteratively designed an AR adaptation of the award-winning game Rosenstrasse, an analog immersive tabletop roleplaying game that explores Jewish-Aryan marriages in WWII Berlin. This AR adaptation, Rosenstrasse: We Choose Each Other, preserves
major themes and one dyad’s storyline of growing love and sustained personal resistance from the original game while AR extends the original live, interactive narrative experience, described in this paper as playable theatre. As a post-mortem and analysis of self-reflections on this playable theatre experience, this paper analyzes key moments of R:WCEO and presents autoethnographic descriptions of the first author’s play
experiences to illustrate design strategies developed by MemoiAR coauthors. These designs facilitate narrative immersion, foster player interpersonal connections, and support physical roleplay enactments to produce a compelling AR playable theatre experience. To conclude, this paper presents transferable insights, drawn from the presented design strategies, for the design of immersive, technologically-mediated playable theatre experiences.

We Choose Each Other
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