Welcome the new ETC Press Website

My name is Brad King, and I’m the editor and director of Carnegie Mellon University’s ETC Press. Today, I’m happy to unveil our new ETC Press website.

Dr. Drew Davidson, the editor-in-chief, and I spent the last year planning the next phase for the ETC Press. You can read about our expanded mission here, but you’ll also see that mission reflected on our new site.

So what’s the same?

Dr. Drew Davidson — who is also the Director of CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) — founded the ETC Press in 2005 as an academic, digital-first (but not digital only), open access imprint that publishes books, scholarly work, journals, conference proceedings, and white papers. We’ll continue to do all of that.

And since the ETC Press is open access, you can download a free version of everything we publish. We also use Creative Commons licenses, which means the writers and researcher maintain control of their copyright.

And what’s new?

Quite a bit.

We’ve expanded our book pages, which include information about our authors, links for our free downloads and for purchasing the books, and a series of metadata to allow you to explore other topics.

We’ve centralized our free downloads in the CMU repository, which enables us to count downloads and to track references to the work. In the near future, these books will have DOIs, which are helpful in scholarly work.

We’ve created individual pages for our authors and the ETC Press and Well Played advisory boards so that you can see who powers what we do.

We’re currently building our events calendar, which will include conferences and presentations made by Drew and me, as well as public appearances by our authors and advisory boards.

We’ve also made it easier for writers, researchers, and public intellectuals to pitch projects. We’ve included all the details in our “For Authors” section.

We’ve also launched our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites. We’ll be using each of these for specific purposes. Our Facebook page will be a place to read about the latest news from the press. Twitter is a running list of news and information about (and by) our authors, staff, and editorial boards. And Instagram will be an experimental playground for us.

And lastly, we’re excited to announce two new publishing ideas ETC Press Singles and “In Conversation With.”

The ETC Press mission is to engage in a vigorous dialogue with scholars, practitioners, and the general public by publishing a timely, well-researched, and thoughtful analysis of the most relevant and exciting topics in the entertainment technology sector.

The ETC Press Singles allow us to do that.

We call these “why it matters” books. Singles give authors a chance to take academic research, practical case studies, or keynotes and other talks, and bring them to a wider audience.

These extended essays will run between 8,000 and 25,000 words. Ideally, the author is an expert — not limited to scholarly research — who has an idea they want to explain but who isn’t interested in (or ready to write) a book-length project.

Our first Single came out last year: Wikipedia Knows Nothing

This “In Conversation With” feature we’re doing as part of the ETC Press is a bit of a cross between the back page of the NY Times Magazine and the Studs Terkel work from years ago. I’ll have conversations with smart people talking about a single topic (at least within the parameters of the ETC’s larger mission)

We’ll then take those transcripts, edit them into a coherent story, and release them as blog posts and short e-books.

We’re excited to start this new phase of the ETC Press, and we look forward to publishing and producing more great work.