Game Design Snacks

by: José P. Zagal

This is an edited collection of nuggets of game design wisdom. It covers various areas in game design with examples from commercially released videogames. Its goal is to share and raise awareness of excellent game design. The contributing authors are B. Barker, M. Caldwell, J. Grahmann, K. Kotter, L. Neuschwander, T. S. Richard, and J. Zagal.

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June 11, 2019

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ETC Press: Student



Excellent game design should be talked about and enjoyed the same way that someone might appreciate an exquisite glass of wine or a fine chocolate bonbon. This book represents a step in that direction by presenting an edited collection of short and straightforward nuggets of game design wisdom written in a friendly, accessible, non-academic style. These game design snacks cover a variety of areas in game design and are each grounded with examples from commercially released videogames.

The contributing authors are, in alphabetical order: Benjamin Barker, McKenna Caldwell, Jacob Grahmann, Kendal Kotter, Lee Neuschwander, Trevor Scott Richard, and José Zagal.