New Release: Broke: How I Made Poverty a Game

Dana Gold

The ETC Press and its ETC Press: Single imprint is very proud to announce the release of Dana Gold’s game, Broke, and the accompany single Broke: How I Made Poverty a Game.

Along with her book, you can also purchase the board game or a mobile version of the game, which was developed—in part—at the Entertainment Technology Center.

After growing up poor and working for decades in shelters and halfway houses, Dana Gold created a board game to help people of goodwill understand how families get ensnared in poverty and how difficult the struggle is to overcome structured inequity. The game, now called Broke, creates empathy for people who are poor by giving players the opportunity to experience the stress and frustration of making high stakes decisions with competing priorities and not enough income.

Playing Broke, now also an app, not only informs but creates the will to make system change a reality.

Dana on the necessity of the game

Dana on the genesis of the Broke.

Dana on the game’s development


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