Ludic Architecture released

ETC Press is proud to announce the publication of “Toward a Ludic Architecture: The Space of Play and Games” by Steffen P. Walz. The book is a pioneering publication, architecturally framing play and games as human practices in and of space.

“Toward a Ludic Architecture” is the fifth book published by ETC Press. It’s a playful look at the conceptual space of play and games, and a must-read for analyzing and designing play and games from an architectural standpoint. Whether we think of a board game, an athletic competition in a stadium, a videogame, playful social networking on the World Wide Web, an Alternate Reality Game, a location-based mobile game, or any combination thereof: Ludic activities are, have, and take place in or at, spaces.

Dr. Steffen P. Walz is a cultural anthropologist-turned-game and interaction designer and producer who earned his Ph.D. in Computer Aided Architectural Design from the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Academically, and with his start-up company sreee!, Steffen scrutinizes and creates next generation mobile and cross-media games. He enjoys playing music, playing games and playing playing.