Brian Salisbury

Brian Salisbury

Brian Salisbury joined the EAE program at the University of Utah in 2015. He teaches a variety of courses from 3D Modeling to 3D Animation. He was awarded funds in 2017 to setup and run a Motion Capture Studio.

Salisbury began his teaching career in 2005 at the University of Central Florida as the Art Track Director for the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy graduate program.

Prior to academic service, Brian worked in the Computer Graphics industry for 15 years.

He worked in freelance computer graphics, color separation, 3D, animation, and then as a senior digital sculptor at Viewpoint Datalabs in Orem, Utah. While there, he created 3D content for film, games, broadcast and engineering. Notable projects included creating character models for big-budget films Antz, Face Off, Godzilla and Space Jam.

In 1998, Salisbury joined Kodiak Interactive in Salt Lake City and worked as a lead modeler character modeler for WCW Mayhem (PS/N64), WCW Backstage Assault (PS/N64), and Monsters, Inc (PS2). In 2001, he joined Microsoft Game studios in Salt Lake City as a character lead on several projects, and art lead for Top Spin. Game titles include Links 2004 (XBOX), Top Spin (XBOX) and Amped 3 (XBOX360) for Take 2 Interactive.