New Release: ToDiGRA Vol. 4., No. 1 (Diversity Workshop Special Issue)

The ETC Press is proud to announce the release of the ToDIGRA journal, a Diversity Workshop Special Issue, edited by Sian Beavers & Darshana Jayemanne.

The inaugural DiGRA DiversityWorkshop, “Gaming the System”, was held at The University of Melbourne on 2nd July 2017; we thank and acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as Traditional Custodians of this land. The Workshop was an initiative of the Diversity Working Group that first met in 2015. The event drew together five formal papers (four of which have proceeded to peer review and appear in this special issue) followed by a general discussion. The aim of the Workshop was to critically interrogate what it would mean for Game Studies to be diverse, and to invite presentations that could expand our ideas about diversity. This included questioning whether ‘diversity’ is an unalloyed good, the nature of the non-diverse ‘norm’ from which it putatively offers a departure, and the function of diversity as a discourse operative within the contemporary academy.


ToDIGRA is a quarterly, international, open access, refereed, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to research on and practice in all aspects of games. ToDiGRA captures the broad range of research within the game studies community combining, for example, humane science with sociology, technology with design, and empirics with theory.

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