ETC Press Style Guide for Authors

Formatting the manuscript properly allows the ETC Press design teams to work efficiently with your text. This is important in each edition of the book, i.e. hardback, paperback, digital, requires a different level of design. If we don’t have a clean manuscript when the design process starts, we are focused to edit at least three different documents.

As such, authors and editors are expected to follow this basic style guide. If there are mistakes, the ETC Press editors will work with the authors until the major errors have been fixed.

  • Manuscripts must be turned sent using Microsoft Word
  • Design will not begin until a final, copy edited, and properly styled manuscript is turned in
  • Authors/Editors will receive a PDF proof of their book. All corrections will be made as Track Changes on the original manuscript. Only those edits will be included in the book.

Process Overview

Please make sure you have followed the ETC Press Book Style Guide provided to all authors and editors. Our design team won’t begin work on a project until one of our Editors have approved a final draft of the manuscript, which includes all accompanying materials.

  1. For edited editions that include multiple authors, you should identify one editor who will compile all the essays and work with the ETC Press editor to ensure that all material is submitted.
  2. You should submit two files: A Word file with the entire manuscript. It should be saved as “booktitle_manuscript_draft”
    • A Word file with the entire manuscript. It should be saved as “booktitle_manuscript_draft”
    • An image file (if necessary) saved as “booktitle_images”

Information to Include with the Draft

  • Book Title
  • Edition:
  • Volume:
  • Author(s) or Editor(s):
  • Tags: (up to 10)
  • Short Description (300 characters)
  • Long Description (500 words)

Setting Up Your Microsoft Word .docx FileStyle

  • StyleUse Arial or Times Roman 10 point font.
  • Use Arial or Times Roman 10 point font.Use Normal Style for your document
  • Use Normal Style for your document
  • Use Header 1 for all Chapter Titles
  • Use Header 2 for Chapter Subheads
  • Use Header 3 for Subheads underneath Chapter Subhead
  • You can include minimal formatting: bold, italics, underline, bullet points.

Other Formatting Issues

  • Do not leave a blank line following headings.
  • The margins for your entire paper should be 1 inch on all four sides.
  • Text should be flush left
  • DO NOT Indent the first line of each paragraph. To separate your paragraphs, return/enter.
  • DO NOT use page numbers or running heads.
  • See Endnotes/Footnotes section if you have included footnotes
  • Throughout the text, when referring to titles of games, movies, books, or Online articles, use italics. Do not use underlines.


ETC Press prefers chapter endnotes to footnotes unless the author believes the meaning conveyed is more clear with footnotes. We ask that there is consistency throughout the manuscript if there are multiple authors.

When you are adding an endnote within a chapter, please do not use superscript. Instead, use Microsoft Word’s “Insert Endnote” feature:

  • Within the text: “insert endnote” with MS Word
  • At the end of the manuscript, Include the text you want with the endnote.


When you are using footnotes instead of chapter endnotes, please do not use superscript. Instead, mark your document just as you would the endnotes, but include the footnotes at the bottom of the related chapter.

Extended Quotes

For extended quotes, DO NOT include any formatted text. Instead, please mark the text with [block quote] at the front and [block quote] at the end. This enables our designers to search for this text, and create designs in both the print and digital format.

[block quote] We do this because it’s important to make it easy for all of our design teams to complete their work and to provide you with the fastest turnaround as we can. [block quote]


If your book includes images, please make sure to indicate where in the book the image will be located AND make sure you have named the image file properly. At the point in the manuscript the image will be located, place bracketed text that identifies the CHAPTER and the IMAGE NUMBER IN THAT CHAPTER: [image_1.1, image_1.2, image_1.3].


Please include a folder entitled “booktitle_images”. Your images should be high resolution, 300 dpi. (For e-books, all images will be resized to 800 x 600 and optimized for the Web.)

Figures and Tables

All Figures and Tables must be referred to in your text (see Table 1). Color figures may be included, but they will be printed in the proceedings in black and white, so please be sure that they will reproduce acceptable without color (see Figure 1). All figures and tables should be centered. Table captions are aligned left above the table. Figure captions are centered and placed below the figure.

**Please note: The ETC Press uses a template system with simple HTML codes. This means large tables or complex tables simply will never be displayed across all formats (ePub, Kindle, the Web, and Print files) how you want them to look. The best way to solve this problem. Create IMAGE files of your tables.

Table 1. An example of a table for the ICLS proceedings.

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3
Row 1 Cell 1 Cell 2 Cell 3
Row 2 Cell 4 Cell 5 Cell 6

Figure 1. The Image.

Type the words “Table” or “Figure” and the number in italics, and the remaining caption in Roman (not Italics) unless you are citing a source, which must be in italics. Use a Period as punctuation after the Numeral. See example above.

Copy Editing

We strongly encourage writers and editors to hire professional copy editors for their work for two reasons. First, the closer you are to a manuscript, the more difficult it is to see its flaws. A fresh set of eyes will save you the hassle of making a multitude of grammatical corrections later. Second, once the design process begins you will have a limited ability to make changes to your book. The cleaner the initial copy, the better the final product.

While the ETC Press doesn’t provide those services, we can recommend professional copy editors who work in various formats, e.g. Chicago, APA. Most copy editors work on either a per hour ($25-50) or per project basis.

Design-Heavy Book

While many of the books we publish at ETC Press can be handled with our basic style guide, we do from time to time work with books that require a great deal of design work, such a coffee table book or those with a great deal of graphics. In those cases, our design team will work with the ETC Editor to develop a specialized style guide to handle these particular books.

As an author, you can help us with that process by describing the type of book you’d like to see published in the ETC Book Proposal Form. The earlier we begin to style guide modifications, the easier it is for everyone in the publishing chain.