For Authors

The ETC Press is an academic, digital-first (but not digital only), open access publishing imprint.

We publish academic and trade books and singles, textbooks, academic journals, and conference proceedings that focus on issues revolving around entertainment technologies as they are applied across a variety of fields.

Our authors come from a range of fields. Some are traditional academics. Some are practitioners. And some work in between. What ties them all together is their ability to write about the impact of emerging technologies and its impact on society.

We publish both e-books and paperback versions of each of projects, and we since we’re an open access publishing house we also make a free text version available as well.

Typically, the ETC Press published five types of books:

We also publish other types of work:

Interested in working with the ETC Press

Before you decide if you want to publish with the ETC Press, you should read the Frequently Asked Questions, which outlines how we operate and how we are different than a traditional press.

If you have a book project, you should read the proposal guidelines, which outlines what we need to determine whether we’re a good match. Since we’re a small operation, we typically respond within 2-4 weeks. We are 100% un-agented, which means we work directly with authors.

You can also email ETC Press editor and director Brad King if you’d like to talk about your project before you get too far down the road. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for your project.