Well Played: volume 3 number 2 - Seriously Weird
Emily Flynn-Jones et al. 2012




Part One: Out of Control

Weird WarioWare: Instructional Dissonance and Characterization in WarioWare Inc., Mega Microgame$!
Josh Fishburn

Community-based Play in Twitch Plays Pok.mon
Max Mallory

Part Two: Love++

Romancing Pigeons: The Deconstruction of the Dating-Sim in Hatoful Boyfriend
Nicolle Lamerichs

Playing with Feelings: Porn, Emotion, and Disability in Katawa Shoujo
Alexander Champlin

Part Three: Best Worst Games

SWITCH / PANIC! Sega CD’s Greatest Enigma
Eli Neiburger

Takeshi no Chousenjou, a Terrible Game by Design
Howard Braham

Part Four: Something Weird This Way Comes

Conspiracy Hermeneutics: The Secret World as Weird Tale
Tanya Krzywinska

The Weird Humanity of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Karen Schrier

Part Five: Other

Defamiliarization and Poetic Interaction in Kentucky Route Zero
Alex Mitchell

How do Frog Fractions and Nier use intertextual knowledge to subvert the player's expectations?
Rory Summerley

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