ToDiGRA Vol 2, No 3 (2016)




Staffan Björk & Mathias Fuchs

Editors of Play
The Scripts and Practices of Co-creativity in Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet
Pablo Abend & Benjamin Beil

Are You Out of Your Mind? Focalization in Digital Games
Fraser Allison

The Use of Theory in Designing a Serious Game for the Reduction of Cognitive Biases
Meg Barton, Carl Symborski, Mary Quinn, Carey K. Morewedge, Karim S. Kassam, and James H. Korris

The Role of Gaming Platforms in Young Males' Trajectories of Technical Expertise
Joe Baxter-Webb

Worldfulness, Role-enrichment & Moving Rituals
Design Ideas for CRPGs Erik Champion

Postdigital Interfaces and the Aesthetics of Recruitment
Darshana Jayemanne, Thomas Apperley, & Bjorn Nansen

Creating Stealth Game Interventions for Attitude and Behavior Change
An “Embedded Design” Model
Geoff Kaufman, Mary Flanagan, & Max Seidman

Hackers and Cyborgs
Binary Domain and Two Formative Videogame Technicities
Brendan Keogh

Sound Similarity as a Tool for Understanding Player Experience
Applying Similarity Matrix to Gameplay Performance Segmentation
Raphaël Marczak, Gareth Schott, & Pierre Hanna

Video Games and Slavery
Souvik Mukherjee

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