Max Giovagnoli 2011

Telling stories simultaneously in multiple media is like creating a new “geography of the tale”, and it requires the author and the audience to find new, interactive spaces for sharing in publishing projects for cinema, tv-series, advertising campaigns, videogames, mobile apps, cartoons & comics, books and performative events, respecting the features and the language of all the media, even if they are part of a single system of integrated communications. But, as they say, It all starts with Story.

Transmedia Storytelling explores the theories and describes the use of the imagery and techniques shared by producers, authors and audiences of the entertainment, information and brand communication industries as they create and develop their stories in this new, interactive ecosystem.

From Star Wars to The Dark Knight, from Lost to Heroes and Dexter, from Assassin’s Creed to Lord of the Rings and Avatar, using more than 50 examples of successful projects from all over the world, and with the contribution of some of the most important producers and international researchers, Max Giovagnoli shows how to create products, works, tales and ad campaigns for audiences, and looking at the new narrative universes and the international franchises of the “transmedia culture”, with their storytelling paradigms, their rules and their great opportunities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License

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