“Teachers often must play the part of the pioneer if changes are to be made. Pioneers forge ahead in spite of difficulty, learning all they can before striking out for new territory. They study maps, anecdotal records, and talk to those on the edge of the frontier. They take old knowledge with them, but expect to develop new strategies, solve novel problems, create new language to describe what they see, and share what they learn with those who have not yet made the journey. Pioneers learn as they go.” (Armstrong & Bezuk, 1995, p. 87)

Teachers across the world are being inspired by new digital tools to create unique and immersive classroom learning experiences, ranging from Minecraft to Portal to Civilization-inspired low-tech games and re-skinned card games, and focusing on a variety of educational topics. Each creation requires a certain amount of technological or game-design know-how, and the support systems for each vary widely. While online communities for some tools have emerged organically, each teacher beginning to build such a space starts at square one: researching the building processes in the tool, brainstorming and designing an environment that fits his or her educational objectives, building the environment or tool, implementing it in their classroom, then re-evaluating the design and – often – rebuilding. Given that teachers are passionate and dedicated but overworked, I am curating a book that will serve as a compendium of stories by teachers and for teachers, to provide guidelines and intellectual support for those interested in designing their own such learning spaces.

To submit a chapter for consideration, send the following to caro [dot] williams [at] gmail [dot] com.

UPDATE: To allow a little more time for the ICLS community receiving this CFP through the June newsletter, the final deadline for submissions will be June 30, 2014.

author list
author bios
chapter description (approximately 250-500 words), and
desired chapter format (see list below)
Notifications will be made by July 21, 2014.

Tentative timeline for submitting accepted chapters is September 30, 2014.

Each chapter must include at least one K16 teacher who has designed and implemented such a pioneering tool in their classroom. Various formats are encouraged, such as:

case studies (template here - http://www.therealca.ro/cfp-pioneers/)
a detailed focus on the game design and mechanics (template here)
narrative style explorations of your experience (template here - http://www.therealca.ro/cfp-pioneers/)
student or mentor interviews
other format ideas? Contact me! http://www.therealca.ro/contact
In general, the focus will be on a teacher guide style: make this useful to others who are interested in following your path. To that end, we encourage considerable use of graphics, sidebars, call-outs, questions, handouts, assessment items used in your classroom, etc.

The goal of this book is create the first map of these new spaces, and to share the new problems, strategies, language, and exciting discoveries with other teachers who wish to be pioneers as well.

Contact me if you are a K-16 teacher who builds digital content, or low-tech classroom content inspired by digital tools, and interested in contributing!

Note re: Editorial Guidance:

For those who aren’t very familiar with writing chapters, I’m happy to provide both big-picture feedback and detailed editing as many times as you like. Let’s get your story out there!

Contact me here. http://www.therealca.ro/contact