Andrew Cutting 2011

Who am I? How do I live a good life? What is reality? Such perennial questions may seem remote from the pleasures of playing videogames for entertainment and fantasy. Yet gamers too, in the midst of having fun, are potentially embarked upon a quest for understanding and for meaning. Missions for Thoughtful Gamers presents a sequence of 40 challenges, ranging from thought experiments to design exercises, each one inviting players to become more creatively curious and self-aware.

DEMO / The Gamer’s Oath
TUTORIAL / Playthinking
EPISODE 1: HIDDEN LANDS / Videogames as enquiry
BOSS FIGHT / Exploring ‘violence’
EPISODE 2: THE INNERMOST CAVE / Gnōthi sauton (know thyself)
EPILOGUE / Gaming’s highest ideals

This is a ground-breaking book, providing inspiration for a new generation of
designers, critics and educators as well as an humane introduction for non-gamers to why videogames matter.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License

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“An out-of-the-box magical journey for the creation of mindful gamers and gaming as a mind-set for intellectual and moral growth. Takes ‘gamification’ to a new and higher plane.”
– James Paul Gee
Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies
Arizona State University

“Requires one to move with agile delight through a minefield of game studies tropes
and traditions. Part manifesto, part play primer Missions for Thoughful Gamers is a
wonderful, heady read.”
– Katie Salen
Professor, DePaul University
Executive Director, Institute of Play