Ray Mazza 2012

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift (as written about in Tabletop) is a card game about figuring out what the other players would most like out of real life, and offering these things as gifts. Players score when their offered gifts are chosen above the others.

The Greatest Gift is interesting and fun because...
· In order to advance, players must give the best gifts to each other.
· Learn that some players genuinely would rather have a pair of roller skates than their very own island.
· “Promise” cards prompt players to interact in entertaining or emotional ways that extend beyond the borders of normal games.
· Players get to learn the values of their friends in difficult or moral decisions.
· Many cards tailored towards sarcastic and humor-driven players.

Like Apples to Apples, but more fun! -- KublaCon game design contest judge.

Some gifts are materialistic:
· A Lifetime Spa Membership
· Your own Restaurant
· Pearls
Many are aspirational:
· Be a Black Belt
· Be Fluent in All Languages
· Be a World Renown Photographer
Others are selfless:
· World Peace
· Save a Life
· Institute a National No-Smoking Law
There are gifts that are extraordinary:
· Time Travel Machine
· Quadruple your Reading Speed
· Teleportation
· Read Minds
... And some are absolutely ridiculous:
· Hands the size of Large Frying Pans
· Tofu

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License

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Ray Mazza

Ray has degrees in physics, computer science, and entertainment technology. He enjoys writing, random skills (like shuffling a deck of cards with one hand), and long walks in game stores. If he can entertain and enlighten, he is a happy guy. Ray was last seen working as a lead designer on the hit videogame franchise The Sims.