Carol Borden is the comics editor and current evil overlord of the Cultural Gutter. You can read some of her writing on movies at the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness Blog and hear read some of her writing on the You Will Not Make It In Hollywood podcast. She lives in Michigan.

In addition to writing for the Cultural Gutter, Ian Driscoll is the screenwriter of numerous gutter-level features and short films including the Harry Knuckles series, Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter, The Dead Sleep Easy and Smash Cut. He has also worked as a story editor on a number of feature films, and makes (mercifully infrequent) appearances in front of the camera. Ian has worked in advertising since 2000, and has acted as senior writer and/or creative director on numerous regional, national and international campaigns for both private and public sector clients. Since late 2008, he has been a partner in Ottawa’s oldest surviving cinema, the Mayfair Theatre, which was recently voted Ottawa’s “best alternative to a multiplex movie theatre.”

Jim Munroe (b. 1972) is a “pop culture provocateur” according to the Austin Chronicle, and an “independent press icon” to Time Out Chicago. After leaving HarperCollins for political reasons, he founded No Media Kings and published five books, the most recent one a post-Rapture graphic novel called Therefore Repent! He also started The Perpetual Motion Roadshow, an indie touring circuit that sent 100 artists on the road between 2003-2007, and currently he is running the Artsy Games Incubator, a writer’s-circle style group helping creators without programming skills make videogames. He lives in Toronto with a crafty ladyscientist and their bafflingly attractive baby.

James Schellenberg is a librarian, currently works in science outreach, and lives and writes in Ottawa. His website is at

Chris Szego reads romance, mystery, SF&F, poetry, non-fiction of all kinds, children’s books, newspapers, and things people leave on the subway (but not horror, because she’s kind of a chicken). When not reading, writing or travelling, she manages Bakka-Phoenix, Canada’s oldest SFF bookstore.