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Cross-Media Communications Released!

ETC Press is excited to announce the release of 'Cross-Media Communications: an Introduction to the Art of Creating Integrated Media Experiences' by Drew Davidson et al.

Ludic Architecture released!

ETC Press is proud to announce the publication of "Toward a Ludic Architecture: The Space of Play and Games" by Steffen P. Walz. The book is a pioneering publication, architecturally framing play and games as human practices in and of space.

ETC Press on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

ETC Press is now on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Ludoliteracy released!

ETC Press is proud to announce our first publication for 2010 with the release of Jose P. Zagal's, Ludoliteracy: Defining, Understanding, and Supporting Games Education.

MediaCommons Press!

MediaCommons has launched MediaCommons Press with the forthcoming release of Kathleen Fitzpatrick's book, Planned Obsolescence, with a focus on publishing, technology, and the future of the academy. The new press will promote and publish open scholarship in open formats.

ETC Press in CMU Research Showcase

ETC Press titles are being archived in the CMU Research Showcase

Beyond Fun in ACM DL, Feedbooks and ThoughtMesh

Beyond Fun is now available for download in various e-book formats at Feedbooks. It has also been added to ThoughtMesh. And you can find it in the ACM Digital Portal

ETC Press and Well Played 1.0 in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a nice article on ETC Press and Well Played 1.0, it's latest book of essay analyzing video games.
For more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09158/975139-44.stm

Well Played 1.0 is released!

ETC Press is excited and pleased to announce the release of:
Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning

22 contributors (developers, scholars, reviewers and bloggers) look closely at some of their favorite video games, and explore the experience of playing those games.

Well Played 1.0 is meant to be the first book in a series. We're already planning 1.5 (with contributors writing on the some of the same games found in 1.0) and 2.0 (with contributors writing on new games that aren't covered in 1.0).

ETC Press and MediaCommons

ETC Press is affiliating with MediaCommons in order to collaborate and experiment with forms of scholarship that encourage and enhance discourse. We're excited to explore ideas and concepts together.

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